Image storage tool

■Save and download images

Search for images

There is an interval of one second per download of an image. If you specify a site with many images, it will take time to display images. Please note.

■How to use Image storage tool

Enter the URL of the site you want to search for images in the text area.

When the image search button is pressed, the image is extracted from the input URL and the image is displayed on the screen.

By pressing the download button on the displayed image, you can individually download the target image to your own computer.

By pressing the batch download button, you can batch download the target image in the ZIP file format.

When using with a smartphone, please press and hold the displayed image to save the image.

■Precautions when using the image storage tool

The img tag can not be acquired because the site of the entered URL does not exist, the server is down, etc., and the image may not be displayed.

The image saving tool scrapes the site of the input URL and extracts the img tag. Therefore, the image of the site dynamically created by iframe or javascript etc. may not be able to be acquired because the img tag can not be acquired.

If an unknown path is described in the img tag, the image is not displayed.

Please use the downloaded image for private purpose only. This tool does not promote copyright infringement.

If you have any questions or improvements, please contact us from "Inquiries (Opinions, Requests, etc.)".


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